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Our Team

We believe our teachers are one of the most important part of your child's educational experience.  Our team is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and educational environment where children are encouraged to explore a variety of creative experiences and learn to become a part of a caring community.
2022 Staff Pic.jpg
Shirley Heinlein
TUMPS Co-Director
Katie Mehling
TUMPS Co-Director
Katie 2023.jpg
Jordan Bain
5 Day 4's
Jordan Bain2.png
Illi Caudill
3 Day 3's T/TH/F
Illi 2023.JPEG
Annie Clark
3 Day 3's T/TH/F
Annie 2023.JPEG
Erin Davis
4 Day 4's
Erin 2022.jpg
Anna Field
Anna 2022.jpg
Martha Field
Martha 2022.jpg
Jen Lauer
Tots M/W/F & T/TH
Jen 2022.jpg
Lisa Laveen-Winkle
3 Day 3's M/W/F
Lisa 2023.JPEG
Alexandra Pendery
4 Day 4's
Alexandra 2022.jpg
Adrienne Romer-Jordan
Tots T/TH
Cathy Ross
3 Day 3's M/W/F
Cathy 2023.jpg
Megan Rule
Tots M/W/F
Debbie Yerian
5 Day 4's
debbie 2018_edited.jpg
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