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About us

Welcome to TUMPS!  
For 50 years, TUMPS has provided a loving and nuturing environment to meet childrens' social, emotional, physical,  and intellectual needs.  TUMPS is a play-based preschool.  Play enables children  to make sense of their world - to develop  social understanding, expand their language skills and learn basic math concepts.

We offer a variety of classes for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 years old. Classes are offered 1 - 5 days a week depending on your child's age.  Lunchtime Enrichment Classes are also offered during the school year for children in 3's and 4's classes.  

Meet our Team

We believe our teachers are an important part of your child's educational experience.  Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing educational environment where children are encouraged to explore a variety of creative experiences and learn to become a part of a caring community.

Contact Us


1581 Cambridge Blvd.

Columbus, Ohio  43212

(614) 488-3659

Tours are available by request.

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